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Falls Penthouse

Penthouse level with expansive views of the Spokane falls.  When the lights go down, the ambiance of this room is enchanting. Jet-black waxed floor, 100-year-old exposed timber truss-beam ceiling and five double doors that lead to a north-side balcony overlooking the Spokane Falls. This balcony extends the entire length of the building and provides guests not only great views and outdoor socializing.  The Falls Room is our modern room that accommodates 256 to 400 guests.  

Commandery Room

The Commandery Room with its theater decor, is finished in a restrained Roman style. Two stories high, the Commandery is graced with a balcony on three sides. The room also features a large stage, a projection booth and a stairway to the balcony on the west end. The large tile floor allows the room to be used for multiple events. The Commandery Room is an intimate and elegant venue for events. From 120 to 550 guests, the Commandery Room can is well suited for intimate weddings, corporate dinners, 

and small concerts. 


The Ballroom, is beautifully finished with detailed wall panels and ceiling trim. The spring-loaded, polished maple floor provides one of the best dancing surfaces in the city. The grandeur of this room is in its size. The overall floor plan is more than 70 feet deep by 92 feet wide with a ceiling height of 18 feet.Lighting is enhanced by dimmable crystal chandeliers, allowing this room to serve for a variety of purposes from intimate weddings to expansive banquets. The Ballroom also has a small raised stage located front-and-center of the room. For events with up to 450 guests, the Ballroom serves as a classic ballroom venue option.


Because of its acoustical qualities and architectural design, the auditorium has been used for 100 years for numerous public, private, and civic events. Its elaborate detailing and deeply coved ceiling reflect that era’s tastes in theater decor. From 160 to 1,200 guests, the beautiful Auditorium makes a stunning backdrop for any event. 

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